1. A spacious layout, the various spaces in this design flow into one another. Entrance to the house is from the spacious portico, which is designed as a double car parking space.

2. Upstairs, an open balcony accessible from the drawing hall provides a feeling of openness and spaciousness in this house.

3. The drawing room opens into the living area or hall. The kitchen is placed in the south corner.

4. The ground and first floors have two bedrooms each. The staircase opens onto a seating lounge on the upper floor. The door of this lounge opens onto a covered terrace.

5. The front design of the staircase and window design are unique in their mode. The portico and balcony spaces are roughly plastered and have a yellow band colour contrast to the pillar. Designs in the windows and staircase gives a very distinct character to the house.